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About ConTact C.A.R.E
Founder - Dale Speedy

My name is Dale Speedy.
I live with my wife Rhonda in Ngatea on the Hauraki Plains, North Island, New Zealand.  We have four children, they are the 4th generation to live on our family farm.

I have developed ConTact C.A.R.E from my life experiences and my desire to be a good, useful person.

My perspective comes from –

Farming – which developed the practical ‘do it yourself’ attitude and the ‘stockman’s eye’ for spotting the abnormal amidst the normal, i.e. spotting the cow in the herd with a stone in its foot (because it moved funny), before it became lame.

Martial Arts – Judo, then Kiaido-Ryu Karate to 6th dan Masters level, developed my understanding of the body’s instinctive self-defence system and how it can be manipulated to either harm or heal, and the power of applied intention.

Ortho-Bionomy - (meaning corrective life study).  8 years training to Advanced International Practitioner level gave me  awareness of the inter-connectedness of all things and the power of comfort.

In 2004 after a short training trip to France, I went through a period of disillusionment with all my previous training.  I realised there was something still missing, so I dropped the lot!

I started fresh, what I was looking for needed to be simple, sensible, self-evident and safe.

Out of the confusion emerged a single method so simple it has been in common usage since the beginning of time.  Based on natural reactions, self-preservation, bio-mechanics and stimulation, I found the answer to releasing surprise impact pressure from bone!

Wanting to remove any chance of “mind over matter”, I worked my theory on cows, horses and dogs for their purely reactive natures, then watched as sustained injuries unraveled and resolved.

This work, Bio-mechanical Impactology I call “ConTact C.A.R.E”, was made available to the public in 2006.  It is SIMPLE, SENSIBLE, SELF-EVIDENT and SAFE. 
ConTact C.A.R.E Bio-mechanical Impactology is a do-able, teachable, skill.  It just works.