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Equine Practitioner North & South Island

The Equine Practitioner Course covers -

ConTact C.A.R.E Equine Practitioner courses are for foundation level students who are in the process of gaining their equine practitioner qualification, or already qualified human and/or equine practitioners who would like further learning working with horse injuries, trauma and/or performance issues to a more efficient level. Equine Practitioner courses develop an advanced understanding of ConTact C.A.R.E and the Flinchlock Release Method for Equines. Courses are part of the Equine Practitioner Training Programme and each course offers a different aspect relative to Practitioner level training. The course aims to give a sound knowledge of the ConTact C.A.R.E System Charts, their function and their effect on the body's interconnected skeletal system when flinchlocked. Participants will gain practical effective skills, the awareness of full treatment protocols and a knowledge of what conditions can be treated. Covering horse & rider pressure release, gear relativity and First Aid for the horse & rider situation. 

Each Year a Practitioner Skills weekend is available for - Students ready for assessment to become fully qualified Practitioners; Practitioners who are already qualified and want to stay refreshed with the latest techniques and knowledge; Human Senior Practitioners who would like to up-skill their equine knowledge. They are for gaining an understanding of the levels of injury being effective and efficient when working with horses with stress, trauma and/or performance issues at these levels and to up-skill with the latest techniques to develop an in-depth understanding of Equine ConTact C.A.R.E.  Courses are part of the Practitioner Training Programme and student practitioners are able to have assessment for certification on this weekend.

The ConTact C.A.R.E Equine Practitioner qualification requires the following:

*4 Foundation level courses, or the equivalent of 60 hrs. foundation level training in either equine, human or combination courses.  *A Foundation level assessment.  *40 hrs. of recorded practical work.

Once foundation level training has been completed, the attendance of the following leads to the full Equine Practitioner qualification:

*4 Practitioner level courses.  *1 Practitioner Skills weekend.  *80 hrs. of recorded practical on top of the 40 hrs. of foundation practical, total of 120 hrs.  *3 case studies.  *Anatomy & Physiology - Equine.  *2 successful assessments from Camille Nelson and Dale Speedy.

ConTact C.A.R.E Equine - Advanced Practitioner

To be a ConTact C.A.R.E Equine Advanced Practitioner, the Practitioner needs to fulfill the following requirements -

*Be practising only ConTact C.A.R.E and working full-time in this capacity.  *Be working with horses consistently on a regular basis and able to show 500+hrs. of practical.  *Have 20 case studies.  *Show an in-depth understanding of Hippology, in any aspect.  *Have attended a current Practitioner Skills day within the last 3 yrs.  *Is awarded the qualification at the discretion of Camille Nelson.

For information on Equine Practitioner Training please contact Camille Nelson at info@epona.co.nz or visit www.equinecontactcare.co.nz  


Course calendar
Kaukapakapa, Auckland
From 27/08/2022 till 28/08/2022
Cost: $345.00

INSTRUCTOR - Camille Nelson

Venue - 'Harper Stud' Onewhero Rd. Kaiukapakapa, Auckland.

Covering - Equine - S.S.D Interconnectedness - Angles & Rotations for Horse and Rider - Rider Concussion Release - Horse and Rider for Performance relevance.

To book this course - https://www.equinecontactcare.co.nz/register-for-courses   or email Camille - info@epona.co.nz 

Lower Moutere, Nelson Bays
From 29/10/2022 till 30/10/2022
Cost: $345.00

INSTRUCTOR - Camille Nelson

Venue - 'Epona' 560 Waiwhero Rd, Ngatimoti. Nelson and Bays.

Covering - Equine S.S.D.S Sensory Core - Equine S.S.D Interconnectedness - Equine Dermatomes with Gear relevance - Rider - Drum horse, Pelvic angles and Anchor points - Rider Concussion Release - Horse and Rider for Performance.

To book this course - https://www.equinecontactcare.co.nz/register-for-courses   or email Camille - info@epona.co.nz 

Richmond, Nelson Bays
From 26/11/2022 till 27/11/2022
Cost: $345.00

INSTRUCTOR - Camille Nelson

Venue - 'Rough Island Equestrian Park' Tic Toc Rd. Richmond, Nelson Bays.

Covering - All aspects of the Equine Qualification in a practical setting for development of hands-on skills, as well as working into the Levels of Self-Defence.  Dale Speedy - Founder of ConTact C.A.R.E is a guest speaker and assessor for certification at this weekend.

To book this course - https://www.equinecontactcare.co.nz/register-for-courses   or email Camille - info@epona.co.nz 

Bookings are essential for all courses please contact us to make a booking!